Saturday, August 10, 2013

Upstairs Cafe, Subang Jaya SS12

Upstairs Cafe, checked. One phoodie completed off my phood list.

I got lost looking for this cafe, I keep thinking it's the Rakuzen side of subang, but it's actually just beside the hospital. Oopsie, I didn't know there were shops this side.

So, as named, Upstairs Cafe, it's... well... upstairs! It's at a two-storey shoplot area at Subang Jaya SS12 just next to the Sime Darby Medical Center.

You take the staircase up to the cafe which is located right above Restoran Bawang Merah. As you walk up, you can hear that there are motions, chatting and glass clinking. It was about 3pm when I went but still most of the tables were taken. A very cozy place with sofa seats, and even a few tables on the outside for smokers. The cafe is deco in red and white, it makes people feel very comfortable and just wanna sit down and enjoy a piece of cake the whole afternoon there.

What surprised me was, it's self-service, you order your phood at the cashier, pay, and then only the phood will be served to you. Well, I don't know how they remember who orders what or which table when they're busy. Because they did send the wrong pasta to me. Anyway, nice place, polite staffs, cheap phood, and a cake counter display for you to choose what you want for the day. There's a chalkboard where they list the phood available for the day: burgers, pasta, pies etc.

Seems like red velvet is a favorite there, because most of the tables ordered it. Most of the desserts look very tempting indeed. There were red velvet cake or red velvet cupcakes, creme brulee, quiche, brownie, cheesecake etc.

I ordered a carbonara with beef bacon (RM9.90), red velvet cake (RM8.00) and a hot latte (RM7.00). Total came up to RM24.90. No tax or service charge. (Well, not that there's none but nett price, if you know what I mean)

Carbonara was ok, not creamy enough. Don't have the 'cream' oomph there. Portion was small actually for me, but if you are having the pasta with dessert then it would be enough. Maybe that's why there's two slices of baguette that comes with the pasta. Well, just weird seeing that bread is served with pasta.

Red velvet is good. A tad too sweet for me but it's good. With the cream cheese just right. (Ignore the fact that it's all coloring)

Coffee is nice. Full stop.

Not bad, I wouldn't mind dropping by again with my friends. I noticed that most of the tables are bunch of teenagers, awe-ing at the cakes and then busy chit chatting with their friends over cakes and ice blended or coffees. Yummy.

Very good service, polite and helpful. Mostly guys, fluent English spoken. Seems like a great team inside. I hear them singing Raya songs inside the kitchen.

Upstairs Cafe
1st Floor, 12A,
Jalan SS12/1B, 
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-56119171

(If you come from Federal Highway, exit at Subang Jaya after you pass the Sunway bridge, keep left, and turn left at the Sime Darby Medical Center traffic light. You will see the SS12 row of shops on your right.)

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