Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The famed Kampachi buffet is back at Kampachi Plaza@Jaya 33

Ahh, my ever fave Japanese buffet to go for. It was sad for me when Equatorial Hotel closed for renovation thus I can't go for my favorite Japanese buffet in KL. Although there are many other buffets in KL but our all time favorite is still Kampachi nevertheless.

Do note that you might need to make one month advance booking to dine for the Sunday lunch buffet. I made my reservation beginning of July only to be told that the next available date is in August. Upon my arrival, the hostess had trouble searching for my name as, I supposed someone used my name and sat at my table because my name was already highlighted.

Walking in to the premise, I find that it is very spacious, the tables are mostly taken but unlike previously in Equatorial, it is not packed nor hard to walk. Spaces among the tables are wide and each section is easily accessed every corner. But do mind the steps and gaps on the floor. The restaurant is nicely designed and you can locate the beautiful bar, teppan counter, sushi counter easily. My dad says they can top up 20-30 more people easily.

Service was excellent. The hostess first put us at this rotating seating pod but due to my grandma's walking condition he alerted the manager and thus switched us to the main dining hall for a more comfortable seat. We were then asked for drinks and as we opted for green tea, they gave us 2 different pots of different green teas to try. I did not ask what, but my guess is normal green tea and the one with roasted rice or something like that. There were mocktails promotion which was very tempting actually, priced at RM15 per glass. And at the end of our meal, we were given comment card to be filled. Last order is at 2.30pm and they will go to each table to inform.

They have very sufficient manning whereby each and every used plate of ours were cleared almost immediately after we finished, which for me, I could have recycled the same plate again, but well, I guess not every customer think as I am. Teas and ice were refilled all the time for us. And very well, all smiles from them. Very good. Because service can definitely affect your return to the establishment.

 The seating pods that can be rotated for privacy. (But what privacy can you get inside actually hermmm?)

 I didn't notice actually until I saw their fb page, the sugidama (Sake-ball) right next to the kan-ba logo. As you walk in the entrance you will see their beautiful bar counter. Very nice.

 Fresh as always

 The sushi counter

 Teppan counter (beef, salmon, prawns) and sukiyaki counter at the corner.

 The japanese pancake counter. Hmm, no more Kampachi logo on the pancake though.

 Matcha ice cream with red bean is a must, must, must!

I have yet to try Iketeru, so as for now, Kampachi is still at our top list.

Kampachi Plaza@Jaya33's Sunday Buffet Lunch is priced at RM118++ for adults and RM68++ for kids.

Kampachi by Equatorial 
(Plaza 33 branch) the building next to Jaya 33
1st Floor, Plaza@Jaya 33,
1, Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
T: +603-79316938
F: +603-79318294

Mondays - Sundays 
12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm

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