Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bak Kut Teh @ Restaurant Brother, Pandan Indah

Grandpa saw a newspaper article featuring this restaurant in Pandan Indah which serves this 'special bak kut teh' where you have to order one hour before you reach the restaurant. Hmm... interesting.

What so special about it? It's called '生煲肉骨茶' which is bak kut teh cooked from raw. That's why it takes so long. Read that it takes 45 minutes to cook it. Other bak kut teh we eat in different places is where they'd already pre-cook the meat and herbal soup even before the customers order it. Restaurant Brother serves those normal bak kut teh as well. The taste is heavier, whereas the 'special bak kut teh' is lightly cooked with herbs such as wolfberries and yok chok (if i'm not mistaken) so the taste is light and natural.

Ta daa... the 'special bak kut teh' (RM33 for 2 pax, RM45 for 3 pax) We ordered 6 pax for 10 of us.
If you just walk in and want to eat this, you wait 45 minutes lo!

Stewed Pork Knuckle (about RM10)

Pork Intestines (RM10)

I recommend this! Although I'm not a fan of this but it's nice! Ginger wine pork liver. Yummy when it's piping hot! (RM10)

WoahHh, the amount of chilis!

I saw this at the back near the toilet... Wonder what's it used for previously. Looks like a chopping board.

This is the normal bak kut teh la. Darker and denser taste. Ooooh, sinfully delicious neh~

We also ordered 2 bowls of yau char kwai (RM1.50 each), two vege dishes (RM7 each). Rice is RM1 each.

I like the special bak kut teh a lot, suits my taste. And it's opened throughout the night! Just that it's kinda far for us to go everytime.

Restaurant Brother 兄弟特式肉骨茶
No.11, Jalan 4/6, Pandan Indah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
(Near The Store, adjacent to Fei Por Chicken Rice)
Tel: 019-2177213 (Mr. Shen Nan Guang 沈南光)
Closed every alternate Monday

Indoor 'Alfresco' Dining @ Garden Cafe, One Utama

One look at the cafe, I was in love with it. Fully white furnished, with garden arches with artificial florets and leaves coiling around it.

A grand white piano stood beautifully at the entrance of the cafe, welcoming the guests elegantly to be seated, making people wanting to touch the keys on the piano so much.

It's not just a cafe, but rather a lifestyle store and a cafe. There are garden related things sold inside as well, such as pots, standees, artificial plants, garden decorations and accessories etc. At one glance, people will see similarities of Garden Cafe with Fullhouse in NZX. Yes, it's managed by the same people of both restaurants. Garden Cafe is also linked with Voir gallery, a neighbour boutique store.

They serve set lunches in the afternoon. Price were quite reasonable, which was one of the factors attracting me to dine in. One look around, it seems like a nice place to have a big gathering too.

Three of us, we ordered two set lunches and a set of a la carte items. The set lunch comes with a soup of the day and a drink where you can choose between ice lemon tea, coffee or tea. I ordered the carbonara set (about RM15.90), whereas my friend ordered the nasi lemak set (about RM9). Another friend of mine ordered the clam pesto pasta (a la carte) (about RM16).

Iced Coffee (too milky, my friend said)

Rose soda (a la carte) - This is freaking expensive deyh! RM12 if i'm not mistaken. Almost the same price as my friend's pasta already!

Ice lemon tea which comes with the set.

Soup of the day - Mushroom soup. Yippee! (Taste is there, but I feel it's too pureed. Prefer some course bites inside)

A no no for the day. The pasta were clumped up together. I guess they just saute it without blanching the noodles again. Portion was small too.

Looks very small portion right? Yes it is. But it's adequate due to the creaminess. Slightly lack of seasoning though.

I categorize their service as.. hmm.. good and bad. Why so? My carbonara was delayed for about half an hour at least. Seems that the order did not turn up at the kitchen side. As for the good side, I didn't finish my carbonara, the server came and ask if anything is wrong. Oklar, at least they're caring enough to ask so. Overall, it's ok. Nice place to hang out. But I hope the food will be improvised.

Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe
Lower Ground Floor, New Wing (next to Hang Ten)
One Utama Shopping Centre