Thursday, October 30, 2008

Benvenuti! @ Avanti

My family and I used to dine in Sunway Hotel quite often last time, during Sunday that is. Their restaurants are quite famous and the food were pretty good. Singing chefs in Avanti going round customers' tables, eat-all-you-can buffet at Nagisa, delicate Chinese cuisine at West Lake. Now Nagisa's gone, no more singing chefs. I used to enjoy the weekend lunch buffet a lot at Avanti, when Chef Federico was working there, somehow I think he's super talented, and I enjoyed his food a lot.

Dad had some expiring vouchers worth RM300 (members benefit) that need to be used up quickly (typical lah, always wait until expiry only use one) and so we made a trip there to have our dinner at Avanti two days ago. Due to some jam up area, dad called to postpone our reservation and we were told that they don't accept guest after 9.30pm. Way too early rite? New system konon.

Anyway, we made it at 9pm. Upon entering the dim restaurant, few tables of family-of-four were munching on pizzas and pastas. The beautiful sound of piano echoed around, the pianist playing medleys of jazz, making the environment so calm and relaxing.

There weren't many tables occupied but somehow I only see a couple of service crews walking around. And a bit disappointingly, I would have expected the server to take our order without us waving our hands up.

After taking the orders, I made a trip down to the bakery in front of Sun 'n' Surf Cafe, whether I can chance upon a beautiful loaf of bread to bring home. I remember they used to have 50% on bakery items after 7pm or 9pm, not sure whether they still have it I asked the staff at the counter who was sitting down, shaking his legs. Again I would expect a smile on the face and the answer 'yes, ma'am' but no smile, no ma'am, he continued shaking his leg and answered 'yes of course'. (If I know I wouldn't be asking right?) Fine.

Appetizer was a salad consists of tiger prawns, avocados, mesclun and grapefruit (RM30+) (but I didn't see any grapefruit nor lemon nor orange). But the prawns were really fresh, juicy and sweet on its own
Thumbs up for the mushroom soup. It was really nice. Sunway's mushroom soup is quite a signature dish. Came out piping hot, with a slice of crouton drizzled with pesto, bits and pieces of mushrooms instead of just pure blend of liquid. Nice nice!

Variety of bread. Prefer the breads last time, served in a 'bucket'. Maybe now cut cost so lesser bread ler.

Olive oil and vinegar dip

Dad's main course - beef tournedos with a king prawn, served with jacket potato, corn and roasted tomato. (RM80+) Nice nice, tender and juicy but a bit too bloody, dad ordered medium doneness.

I was feeling 'beefy' that day so I ordered the Cajun Angus sirloin. Looks dry on the outside, but inside is okay. I ordered medium as well, but it was slightly towards medium well already.

Mom's lamb cutlets. Nice!

Brother had pasta, as usual. Carbohydrate kiddo. And being the cheesy, creamy fella he ordered cappelini (a type of thin pasta similar to angel hair) with bacon and carbonara. We would expect that he won't be full cuz the portion wasn't big, but he said the cheese made him very full. I forgot to take a photo of his dish.

Overall, satisfying meal. But can't go often cuz it's so 'cheap'. No wine, no dessert, our total bill came to RM462+. Thank god for the vouchers.

Avanti Italian Restaurant,
Sunway Resort & Spa,
Petaling Jaya.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Fun OK" Sik Fan!

My first time being at this two lot cafe was to accompany my friend to settle some business matter. That was still during the renovation time. First impression? Very 'recycled' feel, and it's obviously targeting the student market. The concept is very hong kong-ish, taiwan-ish small cafe feel.

This is not the main door, but do you dare to open it? Nyek nyek nyek!

Fun OK, directly translated to Cantonese it means 'go home', furnished and decorated with mostly equipments and tools you can find in any home, allowing people to feel that they are actually 'at home'. The whole front of the house were designed and furnished by the owner himself, using recycled items such as old fridge, oil tanks as the table, cd cases, bottle caps etc.

Washing machine as a table?!?

Notes from the guests. The magnets are bottle caps.

There's no 'standard' of sitting arrangements in Fun OK because each table is different style. They have sofa style, tatami style, with bed poles, sitting on 'grass' etc.

Food served here includes asian and western, and the way they name the food in Cantonese is really creative. For example, in the snacks part, sausages are called 'yat tiu tiu', fish balls are called 'yat lap lap', one fried rice dish is called 'loh lei fan'. Haha. The price of the food is very reasonable I would say, considering that the price students can pay for. In addition, although the price is not high, but the food portion is quite big.

Cost-effective menu

Iced Jasmine Tea in the set lunch

Snacks platter (RM15+) Huge portion!

My fried rice in the set lunch. Yum!

Three of us went. My friend ordered the tom yam fried rice which was good but a bit too spicy but the flavor is there :)

The loo

I closed the door and then... WOAH!

Cute fridge huh? Let's see what's inside...


Food was good but service was pretty bad that day. We waited one hour for our food. And there were not many ppl even! Worse, my friend ordered nasi lemak rendang chicken and after 1 and a half hours of waiting, when we questioned about it the server said that they were out of it! Well, I guess it was not our lucky day. The owner said that the kitchen was undergoing a minor renovation and things were held up, guaranteeing 100% good service on our next visit. I really do hope it will be much better!

Overall, which a snack platter plus 3 main courses and 3 drinks, the total bill came up to less than RM50. Cheap right? However, I think the ambience will be better dining at night. Will definitely go again one evening.

72A, Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught,
56100 KL
(On Connaught main road itself, where the pasar malam is)
Tel: 03-91019915
Business Hours: Sun - Thurs 12pm - 12am; Fri - Sat 12pm - 2am
(Free wi fi)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bump In @ Bubba Gump

Seen some reviews on the net about this place and the gals decided to give it a try, followed by movie 'date' at cineleisure.

It was a weekday. We saw there was a queue outside the entrance despite it was only 7 plus. Hmm, seems like it's really worth a try. The deco inside is mainly wood base, once inside we can hear different groups of individuals chit chatting over shrimps after a hard day's work. We were led to the upper floor to a 4 seater at one corner, just in front of this elegant room which I fell in love with.

So English feel

Bubba Specials on a bat :D

Upon sitting down, the friendly waiter taught us how to use the board, basically 'Run Forrest Run' means 'DND' while 'Stop Forrest Stop' means 'Please Clean Up My Room' :D

Front: Blueberry Lemonade (sour!) Back: Mango Sparkle

Everything looks so tempting on the menu. After like a century, we finally decided on a salad, a shrimp pasta and a fish dish. Looking at next table's food, it looks like a big portion so we choose not to order so much first just in case.

I forgot what salad but it's one of the recommended one. Mesclun with avocados, hard boiled eggs, grilled shrimps (you can choose chicken) served with raspberry vinaigrette.

Pasta with lemon, capers and shrimpzzz. Not bad, sourish taste cuz of the lemon juice, served with a big chunk of toasted bread.

Bourbon St Baramundi served with shrimps and mash potatoes! This was the best. Everything was good. The plate was sparkling clean at the end. I'm sure our husbands will be super good looking in the future. Lol lame!

I love their shrimps. Juicy and fresh. Well, duhh, if it's not I think they'd won't specialize in it right? And they won't be calling themselves Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

We felt the mash potatoes were good so we ordered an a la carte portion of it. 2 big loop of it for about RM8 if I'm not mistaken. Worth it!

Around the walls were these quote boards with very interesting quotes. Some meaningful, some funny.

Bubba Gump has Mama Gump's Hot Sauce

Satisfying meal, but definitely can't go often. Because the price is not cheap. Well, it's good seafood, what you expect.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co
1st Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ
Tel: 03-7710-9862
Opening Hours: 11am - midnight (Weekdays) 11am - 1am (Weekends)