Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Fun OK" Sik Fan!

My first time being at this two lot cafe was to accompany my friend to settle some business matter. That was still during the renovation time. First impression? Very 'recycled' feel, and it's obviously targeting the student market. The concept is very hong kong-ish, taiwan-ish small cafe feel.

This is not the main door, but do you dare to open it? Nyek nyek nyek!

Fun OK, directly translated to Cantonese it means 'go home', furnished and decorated with mostly equipments and tools you can find in any home, allowing people to feel that they are actually 'at home'. The whole front of the house were designed and furnished by the owner himself, using recycled items such as old fridge, oil tanks as the table, cd cases, bottle caps etc.

Washing machine as a table?!?

Notes from the guests. The magnets are bottle caps.

There's no 'standard' of sitting arrangements in Fun OK because each table is different style. They have sofa style, tatami style, with bed poles, sitting on 'grass' etc.

Food served here includes asian and western, and the way they name the food in Cantonese is really creative. For example, in the snacks part, sausages are called 'yat tiu tiu', fish balls are called 'yat lap lap', one fried rice dish is called 'loh lei fan'. Haha. The price of the food is very reasonable I would say, considering that the price students can pay for. In addition, although the price is not high, but the food portion is quite big.

Cost-effective menu

Iced Jasmine Tea in the set lunch

Snacks platter (RM15+) Huge portion!

My fried rice in the set lunch. Yum!

Three of us went. My friend ordered the tom yam fried rice which was good but a bit too spicy but the flavor is there :)

The loo

I closed the door and then... WOAH!

Cute fridge huh? Let's see what's inside...


Food was good but service was pretty bad that day. We waited one hour for our food. And there were not many ppl even! Worse, my friend ordered nasi lemak rendang chicken and after 1 and a half hours of waiting, when we questioned about it the server said that they were out of it! Well, I guess it was not our lucky day. The owner said that the kitchen was undergoing a minor renovation and things were held up, guaranteeing 100% good service on our next visit. I really do hope it will be much better!

Overall, which a snack platter plus 3 main courses and 3 drinks, the total bill came up to less than RM50. Cheap right? However, I think the ambience will be better dining at night. Will definitely go again one evening.

72A, Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught,
56100 KL
(On Connaught main road itself, where the pasar malam is)
Tel: 03-91019915
Business Hours: Sun - Thurs 12pm - 12am; Fri - Sat 12pm - 2am
(Free wi fi)

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