Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Economical Korean @ Haeun Khon

Mum read some good reviews about this restaurant in Amcorp Mall and since she has flu and need spicy soups to 'tung' her nose, and my not-a-fan-of-Korean-food dad wasn't around for dinner one night, she decided to go try it.

This particular restaurant is situated on the third floor of Amcorp. Just few doors away from Mcd. As you can see in the right hand corner of the first pic, many newspaper articles featuring it.

I read few blogs saying the beef bulgogi, kimchi soup and bbq lamb are nice. So of course we go for the recommended ones.

Kimchi soup (I think is RM15+) It actually comes in a set with rice. But if you want just the soup, it's the same price but bigger portion. Nice nice nice! Best that I've tasted so far. Spicy but yummy! Lotsa veges, smooth tofus and thick glass noodles. Yum yum!

I ordered the beef bulgogi set (RM15.90). Comes in a set with rice, soup, korean pancake, kimchi, cold tofu and fruit. Best eaten while it's hot!

Mum ordered the BBQ lamb set. (RM17.90) Also comes with rice, soup, pancake, tofu, kimchi and fruit. Nice nice. Tender and well marinated. However it took quite long to prepare this one. While my beef bulgogi came quite fast. So as I waited for mum's lamb to come, my beef became cold :( They also have the famous korean dish Ginseng Chicken Soup. Be sure to ask them to serve them together if you are ordering anything else with the lamb/ginseng chicken.

They also serve japanese food. It's quite crowded even during weekdays.

Restoran Haeun Khon,
Lot 336, Third Floor,
Amcorp Mall,
No. 18, Persiaran Barat,
Off Jalan Timur,
46050 Petaling Jaya.
Tel No: 03-79572181

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Buongiorno @ Neroteca

My uncle recommended this restaurant to us. Being the kehpoh adventurous person, and since she was on leave (I was supposed to bring my baby go see owl-ta-man at gold river), my mom insist on going to try it out. Saying they have set lunches.

Searched for the directions online and made our way there. It's located at Lorong Ceylon, but my sense of direction around the golden triangle area is really bad, so we kinda lost our way. After many U-turns and illegal double line turnings, ahhh, finally I saw an orange condo with the word Somerset on it. Neroteca is located at the ground floor right corner of this Somerset residence. Ok, parking during lunch time is quite limited as there are lots of offices around, unfortunately restaurant guests were not allowed to use the condo's parking, there is a small private open air carpark opposite the condo, just a small one, and the jockey will ask you to leave ur car keys with them while they double park and triple park the cars if it's full.

Just a small establishment, which seats only about 50 I would say.

*Drools* Too many things, too little stomach space!

I like the way they hang up pots and pans :)

Ok, so my mom ordered the Menu Fisso & Combo Lunch (RM38) which is available on weekdays only from 12pm - 3pm. Changes daily. You get to choose 3 different sets of food. The one on that day were lentil stew/garden salad, suckling pig or fish, and pesto pasta/tomato sauce pasta. I think.

Being the hungry me, I ordered one Genovese Salad (RM29) which has mesclun and rocket salad with 'espelette' chili mustard, asparagus, prawns, roast capsicum, smoked salmon, codfish, cherry tomatoes and tuna. Big portion! Shared by 3 people will be just right.
And Tagliatelle Funghi e Prosciutto - ham and mushroom in light cream sauce (RM22). Yummy yummy! Not too creamy until you feel 'jelak'. Just nice :)

Greedy me. Couldn't finish the pasta :p

Oh, the combo lunch comes with one tea/coffee as well. Argh, as always, we're too stuffed until we can't order dessert. Well, next time. Definitely will go back again. Food is good, fresh and yummy! Price is actually ok. I counted, maximum one has to pay for main course is RM50 only! They also offer sandwiches, roasted meats etc. There are also few items which if you want to try you need to make advance booking.

There's also another outlet nearby called 'Nerovivo' which is owned by the same fella. Shall try it soon! :)

ground floor, somerset
8 lorong ceylon
50250 Kuala Lumpur
tel: 03 / 2070 0530
fax: 03 / 2070 2530

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fine Dine @ Cafe Cafe KL

Mum read some reviews about this Cafe Cafe at Jalan Maharajalela serving classic French and Italian meals and decided to try.

Like the meal type, the decors were classic western-ish too. Wooden chairs that squeeks when u sit on it (fine, I know I'm fat), a lot of mirrors, chandeliers and wooden cupboards and frames.

All I can say the place is damn DARK. They have very dim lights. Fine, I know it's to create those oh-so-romantic environment but, hey I can't even see the menu properly. My dad sat down and the first thing he said to the waiter was 'got torch ah?' :p

Sorry for the blur pics. Lighting problem :S

Knowing it's a luxurious place to be, I was expecting the price of food to be very extensive. But actually I would say it's in the medium-high category. Soup at RM15, main course range from RM20+ to RM60+. I guess this place is more of couple lovey dovey anniversary place.

Usual in French dining, bread rolls to ease your starvation first :p

I ordered the RM89 set which includes one soup of the day, one appetizer, one main course and one dessert. Mum took the lamb rack and dad the pasta guy. We ordered an additional salad to share.

My appetizer - Sun Dried Tomatoes with Mozzarella

Okay, I seriously don't know what soup is this. Smelled like mushroom but it's green! (Spotlight effect by my dad, he brought a torch =_=")

Classic French salad - Salad Nicoise (pronounced as nee-sua). Ok, I didn't expect the portion to be this big. RM20+ but the anchovies were way toooooo salty.

Lamb Rack (5 pieces!!) RM60+ with cauliflower and mash potato, sauteed veges. I feel this is worth it :)

King Prawn something something pasta (the size of the prawn is very small) RM30+ Taste not bad, a bit of spiciness and bites of almond flakes

Lamb Shank, my main course. With lots of tomatoes and carrots. Tender and good!

Cheesecake - oooh la la sinful but yummy. Not too cheesy with a lemony taste, chocolate base and cubes of mango on top.

Overall food is good! But only can go if you have a pay rise or promotion. Har har.

Corner lot, near to Restoran Mee Kai Kee and Dewan Bahasa.

Cafe Cafe KL
175, Jalan Maharajalela,
50150 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21458141 (Reservation recommended)
Fax: 03-21418141