Friday, January 30, 2009

Japanese Buffet @ Tenji, Solaris Mont Kiara

I'm sure many of you received an email regarding this newly opened Japanese buffet restaurant in Mont Kiara, which was actually a copy of a blog posting by flogger Precious Pea. A wrongful act, but I guess through that wrong act, it actually brought many customers to this particular outlet in Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara.

Tenji, situated directly above Cold Storage. At first glance it looks just like any typical Japanese restaurant. Previously they were having a lunch promotion offer whereby you pay RM29.90++ for the first 2 hours, additional RM10++ for the next, and another RM10++ for another hour. When I called, they said they were fully booked till the end of the promotion period. Then they extended their promotion, only modified by paying a full RM49.90+ no matter how long you eat. It was quite difficult to get through their number, always ended up with a recorded voice message saying the operator is busy or the line is engaged. But, just keep dialing and try. I finally successed at 9pm at night, and was given a table for three on last Thursday (22 Jan).

When we reached, there was a medium-long queue outside, a long list of reservations, and everyone have to pay before they get in.

We were seated outside at a "Zen garden" which I really love how they design it. If I'm not mistaken Tenji can seat up to 300 over guests at one go. There are tables inside too, where all the food and beverages are.

Similar to Jogoya, each table is given clips for guests to drop at the food counters to order what you like. They have various counters such as Chinese, Teppanyaki, Western, Paper Cup Soup etc.

Need a private section?

A hit item at the counter. Sweet cold thirst quenching coconut! But I don't know if they throw it away after that or not, because there's still flesh inside! So wasted. I had 6 of this.

I don't know where they get such HUGEEEEE oysters! As HUGE as my palm. But i'm not an oyster fan, only had one. It wasn't cold enough, so kinda jelak after eating one.

The inner interior


Hey! They even have a popcorn maker!

What really interest me is the flower teas! A hot pick too! Such a good idea to offer.

Wanna try all the teas but can't finish 8 pots?

You must be thinking here only got 7 types. One more is in the pot above. Rose tea. Mwahahaha! I feel so malu walking back to the table with the plate. But good idea right?? The blueberry and the peach one were pretty good. Others were kinda sour. Amaranth tasted weird. Calendula very the erm... weird too. Rose and lavender, normal la.

Prawn tempura! Gone within a second. Not crispy enough.

The portion is very small only. 5 cubes of beef, or 1 small piece of grilled teppan salmon. And the waiting is long. So make sure you place the clips early!

Cordyceps Soup (This is really nice! Very 'bou')

Steamed fish of the day - pomphret (This took half an hour to come)

Kai Lan. (A bit old though)

From the western corner. The mussel is not bad. And the potato.

My so called Paper Cup soup. You choose your ingredients and your soup base (miso/spicy). They'll heat it up at the counter, then bring to your table, and heat up on this. Kononnya heat up la, but no difference, not hot one :p)

The dessert corner is fantastic. I see so many cheesecakes! And not forgetting Haagen Daz ice cream!!! I was too full so I only had one scoop of green tea ice cream and a piece of cake. The Marble Cheesecake is good. These bunch of girls in front of me ordered one piece of each O_O"

They also have varieties of cookies available.

Manage to catch the chef marinating the lamb for dinner (Barbequed lamb only available for dinner)

The lamb carving counter

Overall, it was okay, at least I had a better impression on them rather than Jogoya. Some personal points from me:

i. The pace of refilling dishes is rather slow. Strategy or not I don't know. Especially the serve-upon-order food items. But I don't blame them, cuz too many variety, and you have to prepare one item at one time.

ii. Funny thing is, mum heard it was fully book, but at our area, there were still quite some number of tables unoccupied.

iii. Human's kiasuness, you tend to try to taste more dishes and end up filling up faster. Don't think I ate worth the price :(

iv. They must improve their staffs' menu knowledge. One table tried to order wine, not sure if they sell wine or not, but the staff didn't understand.

v. Taste wise, don't expect super delicious food. The taste is okay. Well, at least the sashimis are fresh.

PS: CNY Promotion is from 16 Jan 2009 - 15 Feb 2009. RM49.90+ for lunch.
Dinner Promo - RM88+ (For every 2 diners, a RM50 discount voucher is given for immediate use.)

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Operated by Palm Crest Restaurant Sdn. Bhd (765661-P)
Lot L-01-01, SohoKL, Solaris Mont' Kiara
2 Jalan Solaris, 5o480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 1700801818

Operation Hours:
Lunch 11.30 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. RM77++
Dinner 5.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. RM88++
Supper 10.00 p.m. - 2.30 a.m. RM88++

Weekend & Public Holiday:
Lunch 11.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. RM77++
Dinner 5.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. RM88++
Supper 10.00 p.m. - 2.30 a.m. RM88++

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Picturesque View + Gasoline @ Look Out Point

A place I wanted to go since the first time I saw pics of it. People always confuse Look Out Point with Mini Genting, but they are two different places, though it's quite nearby.

Five of us had dinner at Gasoline, one of the three restaurants on Look Out Point. All with breathtaking night view of the KL city. (The pic above was taken from Gasoline)

Wanted to order the puffy mushroom soup but n/a so plain mushroom soup. So campbell :p

Cheese baked chicken chop

Egg and milk spaghetti (my friend call it the carbonara wanna-be)

Steak with black pepper sauce

Hawaiian Spaghetti (slightly spicy, I feel it was very oriental)

Mushroom lamb chop (ok lah)

Iced Jasmine

Iced latte and I forgot what

Honeydrew juice (very sweet!)

Then we went up to the Menara Tinjau. Same view lah, but with a stupid spotlight irritating my eyes.

This was taken at the tower

Parking is limited at the upper end of look out point. A parking fee of RM2 is collected to park inside (be it upper or lower). If park at the lower end, you have to walk up a flight of stairs up a slopey hill to the top.

Look Out Point Restaurant and Cafe,
Kompleks Pelancongan Menara Tinjau.

1.Exit the MRR2 at Pandan Indah Interchange. Turn right at the top of the bridge.
2.Go straight until the T-Junction. Esso will be on your left. Turn right at the traffic light.
3.Take a left at the next traffic light
4.Take another left at the traffic light beside Puteri Plaza.
5.Turn right at the traffic light junction to Ulu Langat/Kajang. (Please take note on this, you might missed this. Should be the 4th traffic light from Puteri Plaza.)
6.From this traffic light the road is winding for about 3 km (pitch black road).
7.Look out for the sign board "Menara Tinjau"
8.Will come across a food court on the right with carpark. Turn in and drive up the hill to the LookOut Point Restaurant

*Should try going there to witness sunset perhaps ho ho ho.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Stylish Interior @ Fullhouse, Niu Ze Xui

Located inside the shopping area of Niu Ze Xui (what I call as 'cow car water') Ara Damansara. I guess the first thing that this shop cum cafe attracts people is the stylish uniquely fully white deco. Just something different from the other shops around.

Went there twice, once for drinks only, another for dinner. I've heard views saying the food is just so so over there, but we still have to try to satisfy ourselves :p

Forgot the exact name - vanilla with red honeydew and puree

Chocolate ice blended (my friend said it's really nice and chocolatey) (RM5.90)

Ice honey lemon

Something soda red apple peppermint (RM5.90)

Mango with Green Mango Puree (RM6.90) Beautiful colours huh?

Honey Milk with Green Tea (Tasted like medicine to me) (RM5.90)

Vanilla with Longan Sea Coconut (RM6.90)

Ice Lemon Tea (RM3.90)

Club sandwich (filling and nice) (RM10.90)

Spaghetti carbonara with chicken (looks small portion but it's filling cuz it's creamy, but the mushroom has very strong smell, and was bitter) (RM13.90)

Spaghetti carbonara with beef bacon (RM13.90)

Other food which I didn't manage to take is - Wok Sear Chicken Chop (portion is average only) (RM14.90); Chicken Bolognese (RM13.90) and Breaded Chicken Chop (looks dry) (RM12.90). There were a huge variety of drinks, food list is average. More worth it to dine during lunch as there are sets available which comes with a soup and a drink.

Fullhouse Cafe
C-G-11, Niu Ze Xui @ Ara Damansara,
Pusat Dagangan NZX, 2 Jln PJU 1A/41B,
Ara Jaya PJU 1A, 47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-78850836