Sunday, December 28, 2014

Japanese Modern Teppanyaki @ Kazoku-Ai, 3rd Mile Square Old Klang Road

It's so convenient nowadays to find out new eateries or newly opened places of interest around us via the social media. And thus, through Facebook and blog entries, my mum found this new modern teppanyaki restaurant near our home.

Kazoku-Ai, a teppanyaki concept restaurant, in 3rd Mile Square, Old Klang Road. At one glance, you will be attracted by two Vespa scooters parked outside the entrance, which cost as much as a car.

The three of us, ordered the current promotional dinner set Kazoku-Ai Neptune Family Meal (RM190+) which consists of 9 courses plus green tea. It was all seafood items, but we wanted to try their beef, at first it wasn't allowed but the very friendly partners of the restaurant gave us the choice of removing the teppanyaki scallops course and switch in the normal teppanyaki beef sirloin. That was great!

They have individual set meals for lunch and dinner you can choose one of the two family meals or a la carte. One of the partners, Mr Ming was very very friendly and told us the restaurant is still coping to run better for the customers and definitely, the freshness of the seafood and the cleanliness of the toilet (lol) are their main objectives. Freshness guaranteed.

First course: Burdock Salad, it comes with a spicy Kimuchi dressing, but if you don't fancy a spicy dressing, you can request for their Goma (sesame) dressing.

 2nd Course: Teppanyaki Sirloin Beef with garlic and wasabi.

 3rd course: Seafood Combination Teppanyaki (oysters, prawn, scallops, salmon). This was good. Seriously, freshness guaranteed. The oysters' juice oozes in ur mouth and the scallops are doink doink!

4th Course: Fresh salmon sashimi. One of the partners mentioned that when the salmon came, it was still alive and they slaughter it themselves! Plus, the teppanyaki salmon is the same fish as this salmon sashimi. So the teppanyaki salmon is sashimi grade salmon, woah...

5th Course: their signature - Spaghetti Mentaiko. Kinda dry, and a lil' spicy, it's like stir fried spaghetti with mentaiko powder, tastes not bad.

 6th Course: Saba Shio (Mackerel) fish

7th Course: Garlic Fried Rice. 8th Course: Sorry i missed out on the Miso Soup.

9th Course: Also one of their signature: Warm Choc Mud Cake with vanilla ice cream. Too sweet for my liking but they said it's their best seller so you ought to give it a try.

Mr Ming also highly recommend their sake brand, Tatenokawa 楯野川. Well I'm not a sake expert so according to him, it is one of the best selling sake in Japan, and only 30 odd restaurants or retails in Malaysia hold this  brand. He has a couple of bottles of the noble ones, which is like worth thousands per bottle. His statistics are too good I can't remember the numbers lol. He mentioned that this sake is super, super smooth and they even have sparkling sake like champagnes. Ought to give it a try next time.

Overall, a great dining experience, it gets a little smoky inside, so you can choose to sit outside if you don't want to get all that smell in your hair and shirt. Taste wise, it's really really fresh and cheers for the Tatenokawa sake! Have fun!

3A-G, 3rd Mile Square,
151, Old Klang Road,
3 1/2 Batu, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79831919

Saturday, May 10, 2014

All porky porky @ The Hungry Hog, Subang SS15

My uncle's favorite western place to go. And it was my first time there while the rest of my family has been there for a few times now. Seriously, everything pork. Even the ice cream.

Soft fluffy bun, and the portion is big. Definitely enough. There were 10 of us and somehow, it was either the 3 little pigs burger, or the porky chop. That's all. We have yet to try other porky dishes.

 I had the porky chop. Very nicely done. Match well with the mustard sauce. Yums.

 For the burger, you can choose 2 sides out of 3 choices: salad, fries, mash.

Candied bacon ice cream. Too sweet for my liking.

That weekend night that we went, it was crowded. Quite few big groups who go there for gathering somehow. And service is quick. We just ordered and our orders came within awhile. A bit squeezy between tables but I'm sure we can all accommodate to that. If i'm not mistaken, the shop is owned by a young lovely couple. Do check it out =)

The Hungry Hog
71, Jalan SS15/4C, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
+6012 225 0877
Business Hours: 
Tuesdays to Sundays
12 pm - 3 pm (last call 2:30 pm)
6 pm - 10 pm (last call 9:30 pm)

Restoran Kar Hiong @ Subang SS18

I often write down a phoodie wishlist, places to go, places to try if I happened to see any outlets or reviews that attract my attention. This restaurant in Subang was one of them. I think one of my friend mentioned this place to me, and I sought for it. Located facing the mainroad of Subang, this restaurant is very easy to locate. They have two shops, within the same row.

My family and I reached the restaurant around 8pm and some of their recommended dishes had sold out, included the stir fried fern (paku vege), and sting ray. So we opted for other choices as below. Unfortunately, I lost the bill that I usually keep for the price to write blog.

Very homey type of phood here in Kar Hiong and nice. And it's not pricey. I can't remember exactly how much, but it's considered cheap! Worth trying. Have to go again much earlier to have their sting ray and paku vege.

Restoran Kar Hiong 家香饭店
9 & 29, Jalan SS 18/1B, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 016 3287022
Business Hour: Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm, Dinner 5.30pm-9.30pm
Closed on every Monday