Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beef Noodles @ Soo Kee Mee, Restoran Sun Huat Kee Taman Lucky Bangsar 大树头苏记牛肉河 (Now Permanently Closed)

Soo Kee has always been famed for their fried noodles, having their main shop at Jalan Imbi area.

As for me, my family and I always visit their youngest son Uncle Thompson's shop here in Taman Lucky, Bangsar. He used to open a stall in Paramount but now shifted here and have a stall inside Restoran Sun Huat Kee, Taman Lucky Bangsar.

Beef noodles, fresh waterprawn sang mee, black pepper udon, fried meehoon, stewed pork noodles etc... But his main recommended dish is the beef noodles and sang har noodle. Sang har noodle can be quite pricey because of the price of the prawns, huge waterprawns.

Partly it's because Uncle Thompson is our family friend, but otherwise, I still prefer his beef noodles than others that I have tasted so far. The beef is so tender and the gravy oh so good! But both the noodles are quite salty, the gravy is salty because the kuey teow is bland, but the sang har mee is quite salty so I suggest you can opt to request for less salty if you have a lighter taste bud.

Pricing of the sang har noodle is base on seasonal price whereby other noodles dishes are by per pax pricing, varies from RM9 - RM18.

 They have stir fried seasonal vege too. Subject to availability.

Soo Kee Noodles @ Restoran Sun Huat Kee
26, Jalan Ara Kiri 2,
Taman Lucky, Bangsar.
(It is same row as Papa Johns and Secret Recipe)
The coffee shop has other hawker food in the morning till afternoon, but Soo Kee stall opens at night 6pm - 10pm Mon - Sun)

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