Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nice Lamb Burgers @ Fatboy's Burger, Solaris Dutamas (Publika)

When it first opened, I see not much people eating, and now, each weekend that I go to Publika, it's definitely crowded, so you know how good it is!

Ample choices in the menu, you can even customize your own burger.

Creamy chocolaty chocolate milkshake

We tried the 'fat basterd' which is double layer of patties with egg and cheese. Swiss Shroom and one more I forgot what. Wimpy I think. Can't really remember. All i remember is we tried all three beef, lamb and pork patties. And the conclusion is, the only patty that is nice is - lamb. >.<" The pork and beef patty taste 'rough', tasteless. But the lamb one is total goodness! And the fries are addictive.

The portion is big. 5 of us were full (all girls though) with only 3 burgers. I can't imagine how one girl can finish the whole plate by herself. Guys definitely can.

And do you know that Publika is the air-conditioned mall whereas those shoplots surrounding it is not Publika but Solaris Dutamas? Many of my friends didn't know that. But we often just call the whole building Publika. So much easier. There's nothing much to shop there. Mainly eateries, coffee places. I love the courtyard area. It would be lovely to have weekly flea markets there.

Fatboy's Burger
Solaris Dutamas (Publika)

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