Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best Pumpkin Soup (So Far) @ En Ginza Cafe, Pavillion

I've savored the best pumpkin soup N years ago in Sunway Hotel's coffee house, creamy pumpkin soup, not too thick, perfect. Then I couldn't find a better one anymore.

And now, I found it!

Yes! At En Ginza Cafe, Pavillion shopping mall. Though a little thicker than my preference, the taste is awesome. All four of us were like *thumbs up*.

En Ginza is a Japanese cafe, specializing in pastries and breads, and most teens will be attracted by its Hello Kitty latte.

 Left: Pumpkin Soup
Right: 2 different types of breads available, the white one is cheese, the other one i don't know :p

 Clockwise from top left: Iced green tea latte, cappucino, hot green tea latte and my supposed-to-be-hello-kitty latte =( And then I saw the next table got hello kitty latte. Why you no give me hello kitty latte? =(

 When I enter the shop I saw this and I really thought it was green apple. No, it's green apple buns! So real!

I was fascinated by this taste. It's blackberry tart. I am awed by the time they use to place the berries. *bow*

This is one of the many coffee places you can find in KL, moreover in Pavillion itself there are so many. One of the attraction is definitely the pastries.

En Ginza Cafe
6th Floor, Tokyo Street,
Pavillion Shopping Mall
Bukit Bintang

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