Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brunch + Nice Coffee @ Red Bean Bag, Solaris Dutamas

Cafes and coffee places are blooming away in Klang Valley, and Red Bean Bag (RBB) is one of them that serves nice coffee and nice latte art!

My colleagues and I stopped by one afternoon to have our lunch. Back when they don't serve dinner yet. Now they do.

Food wise, nothing great to shout about, my fave is their French Toast, bestseller it seems. I had their breakfast platter, but I didn't like my scrambled eggs not seasoned. But then only I know that chefs usually don't season scrambled eggs because different guests have different likings so guests season their own scrambled eggs to their own preference.

I love their coffee. And latte art.

Yet to try their pasta/risotto.

Do grab a meal or coffee if you happen to be at Solaris Dutamas :)

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