Sunday, February 26, 2012

Korean Japanese phood @ Macguli, Desa Sri Hartamas

I was intending to go to mont kiara to look for this Bijou cafe, after an hour searching for it, then only I realize it was no longer open! Disappointed and hungry, I thought of going to Hartamas for Dae Sa Kwan korean food, and sigh, not open as well. So i parked my car and walked around searching for food and saw this huge banner with 4 chefs' faces on it hanging on the 1st floor of this row of shops at Hartamas and just thought of giving it a try. No, I didn't try it because of the chefs' looks =.="

Macguli, a Korean restaurant but also feature japanese items in their menu, is located on the first floor of the row of shops opposite KFC Hartamas.

I went in and there were a couple of other tables with guests, all speaking Korean. So i guess it's a place where Koreans are their regulars.

A variety of food that they offer, those that you often find in other Korean restaurants you will find it here. And much to my surprise I saw a page with sushi's and sashimi's.

I ordered a pair of salmon sushi (RM8) to try and their Kimchi Jigae (kimchi soup) RM20 which comes with a bowl of rice. To be honest, korean phood is NOT cheap. You will easily spend RM50 when you dine in.

After taking my order, I was presented with 6 varieties of small appetizers while my orders are being prepared. Ahh, I always enjoy their mini appetizers. Their kimchi is good. And they offer refills.I always love hot hot steamy soupy dishes. Always when I go for Korean phood I always would order their Kimchi Jigae or their soy bean paste soup. Well, imo, Macguli's kimchi jigae has the right texture to my liking, not too thick, and not too wattery. It has a lot of vegetables and meat inside but the taste was rather bland. I expected a more meaty soup base but it just taste of vege broth and perhaps not boiled with meat bones. Perhaps it's supposed to be like that.

My salmon sushi came together with a pair of sushi. I told the waiter that I didn't order that and he told me that it's complimentary O.o. Hmm. Maybe all guests gets that. I didn't ask. Or maybe they thought I'm a journalist because I was busy chik-chak-chik-chak with my camera.

A nice place to unwind yourself although not much of a view outside the restaurant but it's just a quiet cozy little restaurant. I've yet to try their other dishes so cannot comment much.

When the bill came, they gave me a 10% discount (equivalent to they deducted the service charge) so I paid RM28 in total.

Macguli Korean & Japanese Fusion Cuisine
1st Floor, 16/1, Jalan 23/70A

Desa Sri Hartamas
, Kuala Lumpur

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