Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unwind @ Hollys Coffee

Was introduced to this cafe by few friends of mine who loves everything from Korea. Hollys Coffee originated from Korea, no I don't mean their coffee beans are from Korea, but the shop is from Korea. They first open in Korea bringing in Arabica coffee beans. I guess they do pretty well there thus opening an outlet over here. Honestly, it's a competitive business locally doing the coffee business, but hmm, I guess typical Malaysian culture lah, everything 'imported' is good. WoOt!

Was in The Curve last weekend and since we had nothing to do while waiting for another friend, my this friend suggested Hollys for a drink to kill time. Went to 'sesame green bean' but they didn't have the tong-sui that I feel like eating, so, why not.

Being a first timer here, I didn't know what to order. Hmm, I can't drink coffee or tea, so I was left with only hot choc, and ice blended to choose from. The menu list is long, various sorts of latte, cappucino, tea, ice blended etc. They also offer snacks and food for diners. Looking looking, I spotted something special...

Sweet Potato Latte (RM11)!

Basically I think it's sweet potato syrup with frothy milk with bits of almond on the top. But it's good!! Not too sweet, suitable for 'caffeine intolerance' people like me.

My friend ordered the hot chocolate (RM9). Pretty okay but too sweet. And somehow not hot enough. I like my hot beverage really, really hot.

This was taken via the mirror

The interior of Hollys were pretty good. Comfy chairs to sit, free wifi, typical cafe style. There's indoor and also outdoor for smoking guests. The place is big, easily fit about 80.

Christmas Tree!

They have ready cut notes for you to write messages and hang on the tree. I tried reading some of it, but quite a lot were in Korean. Tak tau bacalah!

The next time you're there, spot mine! :D

PS: Their price is nett price without tax/surcharge. And you get a stamp for every beverage you purchase. At 5 stamps you get a free cookie OR at 10 stamps you get a free drink!

IMHO: Kinda pricey, but if you're the type of person who can go to Starbucks, or Coffee Bean often, why not try this? They also have another outlet at NZX.

Hollys Coffee
Lot G-06,
Cineleisure Damansara,
Petaling Jaya.

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