Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hokkien Mee @ Restoran Ahwa, Jalan 222 PJ

I would say that this is quite a famous place for Hokkien Mee in PJ. My parents and I often dine here. Restoran Ahwa is actually a corner shop consisting different hawker stalls such as chicken rice, grilled fish, satay, lor bak, popiah, mixed rice, soup noodles etc. But what's famous in this shop is the hokkien mee for sure. Even the shop is named with the hokkien mee in it.

Restoran Ahwa is located at Jalan 222. Well, I think it's Jalan 222, as many people I know calls it the Jalan 222 Hokkien Mee instead of saying the name of the shop.

KL Hokkien Mee

Loh Mee (this is nice too)

I've been here at least 5 times but this is my first time eating the vermicelli version. This was fantastic. The vermicelli soaked up all the sauce and aroma, very tasty indeed.

We ordered 1 small portion of 'cantonese style yee mee', it was so not nice. But others were fine.

Fried lala from the grilled fish stall. (My friend claims it's one in a million, can't find this style anywhere else)

Chicken Satay (RM7.50 for 15 pieces)

Tauhu Bakar (I like it, crispy with a lot of cucumber and bean sprout and peanut sauce inside) (RM1.50 per piece)

I can't remember how much the noodles cost. But, ahh, the satisfaction you get when your tummy is filled. Yum.

Restoran Ahwa Hokkien Mee
Jalan 222, PJ.

Directions: On the Federal Highway heading towards Klang, after you passed PJ Hilton on your left, keep left and exit at Jalan 222/Jalan Templer. Turn right at the traffic light under the flyover. Go straight and turn right at the second traffic light. You will be able to see a Shell petrol station on your right, and also the restaurant already.

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