Sunday, July 20, 2008

[Seafood] Long House Restaurant, Bukit Tambun

The last time I went Penang for the Penang Shanghai World Star Quest thingy, the next day Aunty Swan and Uncle IH brought us to Bukit Tambun for seafood lunch. Yummy yummy! And since then I have long craved for seafood meal at Bkt Tambun whenever I head up north.

This time, we were at Juru for the 988 Global Live Music Party. Even before the trip I already nag nag nag the others about going B.T. but they say no time :( Until before we head back to KL I still haven't give up and tadaa~ we went we went!!! Hooray! Hoorah!

We decided to try out this new restaurant which said to have the 'bamboo prawns'. Whereas the last time we went, was at Fish Village, which their prawns were placed on a 'bamboo shape' metal container =_="

Lai liew har!!!

With the varieties of seafood 'bloop-ing' in my mind, we had problem trying to order what dishes we want! Finally, after ages of starvation we ordered 5 dishes.

Stir fried vegetable

Their recommended dish - spicy & sour crab (For me, ok only lah, not a big fans of crab)

Fried La La (Clams)

The infamous bamboo prawns

And the best of the best! Teochew style steamed siakap (This is damn damn good!)

Everything was wallop clean and clear especially the fish. And lastly, the bill only came up to RM140 for 7 of us! I think it was very reasonable. Ivy's eyes were like O_O when she was told the price. One thing funny about eating in the north is, u'll tend to be shocked not because the price is too expensive, it's because it's too cheap!

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